Interpretive Historical Illustration

Chapel Suite

interpretive historic architectural illustration by L.H.Barkerspacechapel exterior illustration
Read about & behind the scenes: Historic St. Mary's Chapel Suite
Van Sweringen Suite

AerialspaceCouncil Meets the new Governor CopleyspaceCouncil Chambers

Read about & behind the scenes: Historic St. Mary's Van Sweringen Suite
St. John's Museum Suite

Cut away 1spaceCut away 2spaceDetailed Cut Away, St Johns Exhibit

1638 Chimney detailspace1678 Chimney detailspaceDairy cut awayspaceQuarters vignettespace1655 Kitchenspaceillustrated 1680 kitchen

1638 Parlor renderingspace1642 Parlorspace1680 Parlor

Indian Era landscape paintingspaceLewger Era Aerial renderingspaceOverzee Era visualizationspaceCalvert Era Aerial illustrationspaceInnkeeper Era Aerial visualizationspaceFarm Era illustration

The six St.John's Site Museum aerial snapshots, above, were completed 2007-2008.
They are a portion of the Aerial Landscapes, below, which were completed in 2009. Click here
to learn more about the landscapes in An Artist's Viewpoint column on the right hand.

Indian Era ThumbnailspaceLewger Era ThumbnailspaceOverzee Era ThumbnailspaceCalvert Era ThumbnailspaceInnkeeper Era ThumbnailspaceFarm Era Thumbnail
Read about & behind the scenes: St. John's Museum Suite
George Washington's Boyhood Ferry Farm Home Suite

George Washington Ferry FarmspaceGeorge Washington Ferry Farm House
Read about & behind the scenes: George Washington's Boyhood Fredericksburg Home Suite
Bladensburg Archaeology Project Historical paintings Suite

Magruder Dining RoomspacerMarket MasterspacerBattle of Bladensburg, Embrace of the Enemies
Read about & behind the scenes: Bladensburg Historical District
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