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by L.H.Barker

In 1997, architect John Mesick (Mesick • Cohen • Wilson • Baker •Architects Albany, New York) contacted L.H.Barker to do two architectural illustrations of the Historic St. Mary's City Chapel, Historic St. Mary's City, MD. The pieces were to be used for promotion and fund raising towards the reconstruction of the building. The client requested that the pieces reflect the “Dutch genre” school of painting in the late 1600's, the period of when the Chapel stood. This required the use of only brushes and paints. Painting the suite was compressed into a very short turnaround time.

The Chapel Interior
The base of the interior composition was a computer wire frame perspective supplied by Mr. Mesick. The space is elegantly simple and to illustrate it required a good study of 'light' in the piece. The white plaster walls were rendered in cool (leaning towards violets and blues) and warm (leaning towards yellow ochre and yellows) whites, depending on where the area was located and how much natural light was available. The furnishings were kept simple.

Questions regarding the each detail of the space were reviewed with the architect, such as the green tinted diamond shaped windowpanes. The artist learned fascinating historical details about the space such as the stone floor actually had coffins buried beneath it.

The 'Chapel Interior' won the prestigious Award of Excellence from the American Society of Architectural Illustrators in their international competition in 2002. It was sent to Brisbane, Australia for the conference and show Architecture in Perspective 17, is included in the catalogue of that show and toured with that exhibition for almost a year. An article in the Albany Business Review by Matthew Phillips, 'Architectural illustrator breathes life into blueprints' explores more of the process . A link to this can be found on my web site's index page, .

The Chapel Exterior
The exterior chapel rendering provided a context for the interior architectural illustration and encompassed the structure, a cemetery located on the right side of the lot and the rural setting of the period. The architect provided the illustrator with the architectural details of the exterior and site.

The Illustrating/visualization Process
Use this link to read about the illustrating and painting process. Select the "An Artist's Viewpoint" panel on the right side:Use these links to read more about the illustrating/visualization and painting process in the Van Sweringen, St. John's Museum exhibit, George Washington's Boyhood home/Ferry Farm and Bladensburg suite, . Select the "An Artist's Viewpoint" panel on the right side:
Van Sweringen Suite (hand painted)
St. John's Site Museum Suite (digitally painted)
Ferry Farm Suite (hybrid-hand painted/digitally mastered)
Bladensburg Archaeological Project (hand painted)


archaeologist stones

Illustration Project Team:
Silas D. Hurry

Curator of Collections,
Archaelogical Laboratory Director
Historic St. Mary's City

Mr. Silas Hurry is the Curator of Collections and Archaeological Laboratory Director for Historic St. Mary's City. He has over thirty-five years of experience in Historical archaeology working in Maryland, Georgia, Michigan, and New Mexico. He is a native of the St. Mary's County and an honors graduate of St. Mary's College of Maryland in History and Anthropology. He subsequently attended graduate school at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. He is active in the Society for Historical Archaeology, and a past officer of the Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference, the Council on Northeast Historical Archaeology, and the Council for Maryland Archaeology. He is the author of numerous articles and essays on the archaeology of St. Mary's City including the exhibit catalog "..once the Metropolis of Maryland".
John I. Mesick,
Partner in Charge-Mesick • Cohen • Wilson • Baker • Architects, Albany, NY
-Bachelor of Architecture - Pratt Institute, 1958
-Fulbright Scholar, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1958B1959
-Honorary Degree - Doctor of Fine Arts - State University of New York at Albany, 1986
-Architectural Study Trips - Europe and Asia, 1964-1965
-England, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1994
Professional Experience:
Registered Architect – New York State (1963), New Jersey (1983), Vermont (1995), Virginia (1995), Rhode Island (1996), Maryland (1996), Connecticut (1999)
-1660's Brick Chapel, Saint Mary's City, MD
-Albany Law/Medical Center – Residence Hall, Albany, NY (new construction)
-Albany Rural Cemetery Chapel, Menands, NY (1884) restoration and addition
-Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany, NY (1907) - McKinney Library, Orientation Room, Dutch Painting Gallery, Lansing Gallery
-Blair House, Washington, DC (1824, 1859, 1860) -The President's Guest House Complex
-Bronck House, Coxsackie, NY (1680s, 1737, 1812)
-Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY (1848-1852)
-Chapel House – Interfaith Center, SUNY Albany, Albany, NY (new construction)
-Church Family Barn of the Watervliet Shakers, Albany, NY (1915)
-The Elms, Newport, RI (1901)
-Field House, SUNY Albany, Albany, NY (new construction)
-First Agricultural National Bank, North Adams, MA (new construction)
-First Presbyterian Church, Albany, NY (1884) - sanctuary
-Frederic Remington Art Museum, Ogdensburg, NY (1810 - 1900) (new construction)
-Fort Herkimer Church, Herkimer, NY (1760s, 1812)
-Fort Johnson, Fort Johnson, NY (1749)
-Fort Orange Club, Albany, NY (1883, 1907) - West Lounge
-The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, NY (1912) – historic structure report of the Hyde House
-Isaac Bell House, Newport, RI (1883)
-Hudson Railroad Station, Hudson, NY (1874)
-Montgomery Place, Tarrytown, NY (1805)
-Monticello, Charlottesville, VA (1769) - restoration of Jefferson's 1824 roofs
-New York State Capitol, Albany, NY - Executive Chamber (1882), Senate Chamber (1881) and related spaces, and proposed restoration of Assembly Chamber (1878) Currently, a term contract for the restoration of the Capitol.
-Old Southeast Church, Brewster, NY (1790s, 1824)
-Oswego City Hall, Oswego, NY (1870s)
-Oswego City Library, Oswego, NY (1850s)
-Otsego County Courthouse, Cooperstown, NY (1880)
-Poplar Forest, Lynchburg, VA - Thomas Jefferson's retreat (1806)
-Putnam County Courthouse, Carmel, NY (1814)
-Richardson-Bates House, Oswego, NY (1870s, 1880s)
-Richmondtown Restoration, Staten Island, NY - development plan
-Rockefeller Institute, Albany, NY (1903) - former Brady mansion
-Stuyvesant Railroad Station, Stuyvesant, NY (1887)
-Taliesin, Spring Green, WI (1912-1959) - Frank Lloyd Wright complex
-Ten Broeck Mansion, Albany, NY (1798, 1830s) Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville, TN (1859) - Old Library
-Union College Arts Building, Schenectady, NY (1850, 1924)
-Vermont State House, Montpelier, VT - Executive Chamber (1859), Cedar Creek Room (1886), House and Senate chambers (1859), and first floor
Les Barker/L.H.Barker
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