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Gouache historic illustration by painter L.H.Barker.
Award of Excellence,
American Society of Architectural Illustrators

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L.H.Barker News/updates:

bullet Download the new 2015 L.H.Barker short slide shows for Architectural Illustration, Engineer Environmental Impact Visuals, Interpretive Historical Illustration and Photographic Alteration. Available in .mp4 formats: Down load the slide shows.

The short interactive videos are sections taken from the full version:
~Architectural Illustrations only @ L.H.Barker Architectural Illustrations.html
~Engineer/Environmental impact studies only @
L.H.Barker Engineer Environmental Impact Visuals.html

~Interpretive Historical Illustration only @ L.H.Barker Historical Illustrations.html
~Photographic image alteration and enhancement only @
L.H.Barker Photographic Image Alteration.html

bullet Download the new 2015 L.H.Barker Architectural Illustration and Historical Rendering slide show. Available in .wmv and .mp4 formats: Down load the slide show. The fully interactive slide show can be seen on my homepage.

bullet Recent work,new portfolio pages: Fort Hudson Healthcare System, suite of 4
Detail pages below:

  Main Entrance illustration detail, Healthcare facility
  Healthcare Facility, lobby rendering detail
  Healthcare Facility main dining room illustration
  Small Dining Room illustration detail
bullet Ghost Walls: The Story of a 17th-Century Colonial Homestead,
by award winning author Sally Walker includes 14 of L.H.Barker's St. John's Site Museum artworks and should be widely available Fall 2014 from Lerner Publishing Group.

bullet A new interpretive historical panel outside the Magruder House, Bladensburg, MD features L.H.Barker's "Magruder Dining Room ("Politics and Port)" painting from the Bladensburg Archaeological suite of historical paintings.

bullet Star-Spangled 200, Inc. acquired permission to reproduce, distribute and publicly display the L.H.Barker "Market Master's House (Open for Business)" historical painting from the Bladensburg Archaeological suite.

bullet A Beautiful and Fruitful Place:" Selected Rensselaerswijck Papers, Volume 3, 2014 edition, includes the L.H.Barker "1655 Kitchen" historical painting from the St. John's Site Museum suite and the "Council Chambers" historic painting from the VanSweringen suite done for Historic St. Mary's City in the "Tobacco, Manors and Furs" article by Dr. Henry Miller, Historic St. Mary's City.

bullet The Southern Connection: the Ancestors of Eleanor Addison Smith Holliday Price, by Martha J. P. Grundy contains the VanSweringen "Council Chambers" historic painting done for Historic St. Mary's City. In print now at

bullet A new historic marker features a L.H.Barker painting "War of 1812/Embrace of the Enemies" on it:

bullet L.H.Barker's original artwork, Battle of Bladensburg painting, “Embrace of the Enemies” appeared on the C-span video/Congressional Chronicle @ 26:12-31:00. C-span, Washington DC. Author John McCavitt’s lecture, Major General Robert Ross and the Burning of the Capitol, Aug 1, 2012, Washington, U.S. Capitol Historical Society;

bullet August 24, 2014 is the bicentennial of the"Battle of Bladensburg", War of 1812 which is depicted in "Embrace of the Enemies"
  War of 1812, "Embrace of the Enemies" illustration by L.H.Barker
  Battle of Bladensburg/War of 1812

bullet "Embrace of the Enemies (The Parole of An American Hero)", Battle of Bladensburg, War of 1812 detail

bullet Read about the Bladensburg project: Bladensburg Text

bullet L.H.Barker~architectural illustration and interpretive historical illustration social media:
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